What Does Prominence Mean In Linguistics?

What is a prominence mean?

1: something prominent: projection a rocky prominence. 2: the quality, state, or fact of being prominent or conspicuous. 3: a mass of gas resembling a cloud that arises from the chromosphere of the sun.

What is prominence in discourse analysis?

In discourse, the notion of prominence applies primarily to discourse referents —individuals, events, and other entities that we talk about.

How do you use a prominence?

something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings.

  1. She came to national prominence as an artist in the 1960s.
  2. He came to prominence during the World Cup in Italy.
  3. She first came to prominence as an artist in 1989.
  4. Delete what is dispensable and give more prominence to the essentials.

What is the scientific meaning of prominence?

A prominence, referred to as a filament when viewed against the solar disk, is a large, bright, gaseous feature extending outward from the Sun’s surface, often in a loop shape. Scientists are currently researching how and why prominences are formed.

What is prominence and examples?

Prominence is the state of being important, being famous or being obvious. When an artist becomes famous and well-known, this is an example of prominence. When a mountain is higher than the mountains around it, this is an example of prominence. noun. Something that is prominent or that sticks out, as a hill.

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What does the word prominence mean in medical terms?

[prom´ĭ-nens] a protrusion or projection. frontonasal prominence an expansive facial process in the embryo that develops into the forehead and bridge of the nose; called also frontonasal process.

What does the prominence of the sun do?

Prominences are anchored to the Sun’s surface in the photosphere, and extend outwards into the Sun’s hot outer atmosphere, called the corona. An erupting prominence occurs when such a structure becomes unstable and bursts outward, releasing the plasma.

What does prominence mean in mountains?

Definition: Prominence is a term in topography that refers to the elevation of a summit relative to its surrounding terrain. This is because the surrounding Alps are all tall mountains, so you would have started at a much higher elevation than if you had hiked up from sea level.

What does prominence mean in news?

Prominence means persons, places, things and situations known to the public for their weather, social position, achievement or previous publicity. The reporter should always add as many prominent names and places in news stories, as possible.

What does a prominence look like?

Prominences appear either as flame-coloured projections when the disk of the Sun is totally eclipsed or as dark ribbons (called filaments) when viewed through a spectroscope. Prominences are among the most beautiful of solar phenomena.

How do you use prominence in a sentence?

Prominence in a Sentence

  1. In 1956, Elvis came to prominence as an international sensation and quickly rose to stardom.
  2. J.K. Rowling achieved national prominence when her Harry Potter series became a household name.

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