Readers ask: How To Say Reading In French?

What is French for reading?

French Translation. lis. More French words for read. la lecture noun. reading, playback, interpretation, perusal.

How do you say read a book in French?

French translation of ‘read’

  1. [ book, paper, poem, novel] lire. Have you read “Animal Farm”?
  2. ( aloud) lire. to read sth to sb lire qch à qn.
  3. [ music] lire.
  4. ( Computing) [file, document] lire.
  5. (= understand) [mood] interpréter.
  6. (= interpret) [dream] interpréter.
  7. (= study) étudier.
  8. [ sign, notice] indiquer.

Is reading masculine or feminine?

Furthermore, the literature had indicated that the overall attitude toward reading has been that it is regarded as a feminine activity; however, these studies have investigated reading in general terms.

Can you say book in French?

(familier, fr) Livre.

What is write in French?

write → écrire, rédiger, enregistrer, composer.

How do you say do you read the newspaper in French?

Je livre des journaux. I read it in the newspaper.

How do you say I’m reading in French?

i’ve been reading a book. “I’m reading a book” is ” Je lis un livre ” or “Je suis en train de lire un livre”.

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What is I like music in French?

“ j’aime beaucoup la musique ”

Is reading a feminine domain?

According to the interests as identity regulation model, and if reading is considered a feminine activity, this result should be expected for girls, whereas for boys it is against what the model predicts.

What is to in French?

The French translation for “to” is à.

How do you spell writing in French?

French translation of ‘writing’

  1. (= act of putting words on paper) écriture f. He has problems reading and writing.
  2. (= written or printed words) mots f écrits. There’s some writing on the other side.
  3. [ of novelist, poet] écriture f.
  4. (= as job) écriture f.
  5. (= handwriting) écriture f.

How do you call a book in French?

book → bouquin, livre, ouvrage.

What is French table?

tableau, le ~ (m) Noun. table, la ~ (f) Noun.

What is the French name for a book?

French word for book is le livre – YouTube.

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