Readers ask: How To Say I Hate You In Chinese?

How do you say I hate you too in Chinese?

我讨厌你 [wǒ tǎoyàn nǐ] [ex.] I hate you.

What are different ways to say I hate you?

100 Ways to Say ‘I Hate You’

  • “You’re a disappointment to me.”
  • “I don’t care if you live or die.”
  • “I used to care about you. Now?
  • “How do you think I feel? I’m pissed off!”
  • “Go. Just go.”
  • “If you come back, I won’t be here.”
  • “I’ve never despised someone as much as I despise you.”
  • “Ha! You think I care about you?

What is your name Chinese?

In Chinese, when you want to know someone’s name, you can say “ Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi? ” It means “what’s your name?” In this sentence, “jiào” is a verb, which means ‘be called”. “Shénme” means “what”.

What does Cang mean in Chinese?

n. (Historical Terms) (formerly in China) a large wooden collar worn by petty criminals as a punishment.

What does 182 mean?

182 is a cyber term which is typically used with the meaning ” I Hate You ” to express feelings of intense dislike. However, 182 can also be used ironically. In such cases it is often used in response to someone’s good fortune, expressing good-natured jealousy rather than actual dislike.

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What is Wo Ai Ni?

“wo ai ni”(我愛你) means I love you in Chinese.

What can I say instead of I like?

7 Ways to Say You Like Something in English

  • I enjoy it. This verb means to “take delight or pleasure in” something.
  • I love it.
  • I am passionate about it.
  • I am fond of it.
  • I am a fan of it.
  • I am interested in it.
  • I am into it.

What’s a fancy word for hate?

Some common synonyms of hate are abhor, abominate, detest, and loathe. While all these words mean “to feel strong aversion or intense dislike for,” hate implies an emotional aversion often coupled with enmity or malice.

How do you respond to haters?

If you think someone is just wanting to be heard you can simply say “ thank you for sharing ” or “I appreciate your perspective” If you think someone is wanting to be a back-handed hater say “thanks for sharing” or “we all have our opinions”, or just delete the comment and leave it at that.

What is Youtube called in Chinese?

“Youtube” translation into Chinese Youtube {pr. n.} CN. 一个互联网视频共享网站

How do you pick a Chinese name?

Choosing a common Chinese last name will ensure your Chinese name is readily identifiable as a personal name, as Chinese names are structured with the last name first. For example, if your last name is Johnson, the very common surname 张 (Zhāng) might suit you. Similarly, 孙 (Sūn) could also reflect the “son” in Johnson.

How are names written in Chinese?

Unlike English names, Chinese people write their family name (normally a single letter) first and then their given name (one or two letters). There are over 700 Chinese surnames, but only about 100 are commonly used.

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What does Cang mean?

cangue in British English or cang (kæŋ ) noun. (formerly in China) a large wooden collar worn by petty criminals as a punishment.

What does Kang mean?

: a brick platform built across one side or end of a room in a house in northern China or Manchuria, warmed by a fire beneath, and used for sleeping.

Was quick to meaning?

to react quickly to something someone else has said or done. Townsend was quick to point out that it has been a team effort. Synonyms and related words.

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