Quick Answer: How To Say Shoes In French?

Is Shoe feminine or masculine in French?

Vocabulary About French Shoes Des chaussures ( feminine ): shoes. Watch out for your pronunciation.

How do you say shoe in different languages?

In other languages shoe

  • American English: shoe /ˈʃu/
  • Arabic: حِذاء
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sapato.
  • Chinese: 鞋子
  • Croatian: cipela.
  • Czech: bota.
  • Danish: sko.
  • Dutch: schoen.

What are jeans in French?

1. jean (pantalon): jean. jeans pl.

What is T shirt in French?

le T-shirt noun. T-shirt. tee-shirt.

What is face cap in French?

casquette. More French words for cap. le capuchon noun. hood, cowl, top. la casquette noun.

What are shorts in French?

1. (= short trousers) short m. a pair of shorts un short. US) (= underpants) caleçon m.

Is SAC feminine in French?

The word sac in French is a masculine noun. The gender does not change, even if the bag belongs to a female.

How do you say shop in different languages?

In other languages shop

  1. American English: store /ˈstɔr/
  2. Arabic: مَحَلّ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: loja.
  4. Chinese: 商店
  5. Croatian: trgovina.
  6. Czech: obchod prodejna.
  7. Danish: butik.
  8. Dutch: winkel.

How do you say fashion in different languages?

In other languages fashion

  • American English: fashion /ˈfæʃən/
  • Arabic: مُوضَة نمط
  • Brazilian Portuguese: moda.
  • Chinese: 时尚
  • Croatian: moda.
  • Czech: móda.
  • Danish: mode.
  • Dutch: mode.

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