Quick Answer: How To Say Hello In Bosnian?

How do you greet in Bosnian?

The common verbal greeting in Bosnia is “Zdravo” (Hello). Muslims may greet one another by saying ‘merhaba’ (welcome, I greet you as a friend) or ‘selam-alejkum’ (peace be with you). Bosnians may greet one another with the question “Kako si?” (How are you?).

What is no in Bosnian?

The word for ‘no’ in Bosnian shares similarities with other Slavic languages— ne, rather than the Russian nyet. Molim (MOH-leem) / Please.

How do you say cheers in Bosnian?

Ne moraš da dođeš ovde i oraspoloži me. Cheers. Živeli. Cheers.

How do you say stop in Bosnian?

navratiti [sv.] navraćati [nesv.] Stop!

What religion is Bosnia?

According to the 2013 census, 50.70% of Bosnians identified as Muslim, 30.75% identified as Orthodox Christians, and 15.19% identified as Roman Catholic Christians. A further 2.25% identified with some other religious affiliation (including Judaism, atheism and agnosticism).

What is Goodnight in Bosnian?

Explanation: goodnight beautiful – laku noć ljepotice. goodnight sweety – laku noć slatkice.

How do you say good morning in Croatian?

Good Morning in Croatian Dobro jutro is pronounced ‘ doh-broh you-troh’.

Is Bosnian a phonetic language?

The Bosnian language: General info and pronunciation of specific letters. Bosnian is a South Slavic language, and as other languages from this family, it’s very phonetic – meaning that one letter represents one sound.

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How do you greet someone in Croatian?

A handshake with direct eye contact is the most common form of greeting. Greetings will often be accompanied by the phrase ‘ dobro jutro ‘ (‘good morning’), ‘dobar dan’ (‘good day’) or ‘dobra večer’ (‘good evening’). ‘Bok’ is also used as an informal greeting, often as a way to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’.

What language is Hvala?

Lucky for you, thank you is a pretty easy Croatian. Especially if you compare it to the rest of the Croatian language that most foreigners find a tongue and a mind twister. So here it is: Croatian for thank you is HVALA.

How do you say good morning in Yugoslavia?

Good Morning Quotes: 60+ Ways to Say Good Morning

  1. Rise and shine.
  2. Am I still dreaming or do you really look that amazing in the morning?
  3. Even though I’m not a morning person, I’m a you person so I enjoy getting up.
  4. You’re all the sunshine I need.
  5. Rise and shine, lovely.
  6. Buenas días señorita.
  7. Morning greetings, cutie.

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