Quick Answer: How To Say Baby In French?

Is Bebe French for baby?

From French bébé ( “baby” ).

How do you say girl baby in French?

baby: bébé; petit enfant; petit bébé; nourrisson; nouveau-né; nana; gamin; enfant; gosse; petit; moutard; bambin; mioche; asticot; vermisseau; têtard; nabot; avorton; petite fille; tout-petit; petiot; petit garçon; jeune enfant; môme; bêcheuse; pimbêche.

What is a French infant called?

1. (= baby ) nourrisson m. 2. (= young child) petit(e) enfant m/f see also infant carrier, infant son.

How do you say baby boy in French?

baby boy

  • gamin, le ~ (m) Noun.
  • petit homme, le ~ (m) Noun.
  • petit bonhomme, le ~ (m) Noun.
  • type, le ~ (m) Noun.
  • bout d’homme, le ~ (m) Noun.
  • petit bout d’homme, le ~ (m) Noun.

Does Bebe mean baby?

What does bebe mean? Bebe is an alternate spelling and pronunciation of baby, usually used playfully or affectionately.

What does Coca mean in French?

coca → blow, snow, coke, nose candy, dust.

What is French for beautiful girl?

the beautiful girl (pretty girl; doll; manequin) la jolie fille; le mannequin. jolie fille [la ~] noun.

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How do you write baby girl in Spanish?

“baby girl” in Spanish

  1. nena.
  2. niña.
  3. chancleta.

What is a petite fille?

noun. grandchild [noun] the child, daughter or son, of one’s son or daughter.

What are French babies first words?

Let’s see what are the French baby first words.

  • Papa – Dad.
  • Maman – Mom – Note the French don’t really have a shorter word for Maman, nor a synonym.
  • Lolo – this is milk in Kid French.
  • Un Nounours – say the final S.
  • Un doudou – watch out for this one.
  • Un dodo – sleepy time.
  • Un dada – a horse.
  • Un toutou – a dog.

What are German babies?

Baby. More German words for baby. das Baby noun. infant, babe.

Is Mi Amor French?

There aren’t many French terms of endearment more romantic than mon amour, which means “my love” in French. Is it ma amour or mon amour? Whether you’re speaking to a man or a woman, the term is the same: mon amour.

How do you say boy in all languages?

In other languages boy

  1. American English: boy /ˈbɔɪ/
  2. Arabic: وَلَد
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: menino.
  4. Chinese: 男孩
  5. Croatian: dječak.
  6. Czech: chlapec.
  7. Danish: dreng.
  8. Dutch: jongen.

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