Question: How To Say Very In Japanese?

What is totemo?

The most textbook way of saying “very” in Japanese is by using the word totemo (とても). You can also add an extra T in the center of totemo to make it tottemo (とっても).

What is Sugoi?

すごい (Sugoi) is a word that’s typically used when you’re left awestruck out of excitement or feel overwhelmed. This can be for any situation be it good or bad. A similar English expression would go somewhere along the lines of “Oh… Wow”. However, it can also be used to express that something is terrible or dreadful.

How do you use Sugoku in Japanese?

sugoku(すごく)means very or really.. It is so useful that we can express lots of meaning from negative ones to positive ones! What’s the situation you wanna use it??

How do you use totemo in Japanese?


  1. Sentences using adjectives. To make a sentence describing something with an adjective, just take the adjective and add [desu] for an affirmative (yes) statement.
  2. Using [totemo], “very” Place the word [totemo] in front of any adjective you want to emphasize:
  3. [takai] and [yasui]
  4. This and that.
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What is Tottemo daisuki mean?

English translation: I love you very much. Japanese term or phrase: anata no kotto totemo daisuki desu.

What is Yasashii?

Yasashii is a Japanese word meaning gentle or kind.

What Moshi Moshi means?

These all mean ” I’m going to say (talk).” Eventually it was shortened to “moushi” (申し) and was used to catch somebody’s attention, like saying “hey!” Technically, when you say “moshi moshi,” you’re politely saying “I’m going to talk” twice. But it feels more like, “Hey, dude.”

What is Sugoi desu ne?

Sugoi desu ne! = Lit. Really? Great! このアニメは ほんとうに すごいですね!

What is Daijoubu desu ka?

daijoubu desu = i’m fine, i’m alright, it’s ok.. ( you reply back to someone or that someone asking you) daijoubu desu ka? = are you alright?, are you okay? (

Is Sudoku a Japanese word?

The name “sudoku” is abbreviated from the Japanese suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru, which means “the numbers (or digits) must remain single.” Now there are sudoku competitions across the globe, and variations of the puzzle often appear side-by-side the crossword puzzle in newspapers and magazines.

What Anata means?

Anata (あなた) is a Japanese word for You. Anata may refer to: Anata, a Japanese language second-person pronoun. It is also sometimes used by married couples to refer to their partners.

What does sansu mean in Japanese?

By the way, Japanese have different names for “mathematics” in elementary school and in junior high school and above. In elementary school it is “Sansu,” and in junior high school and above it is called “Sugaku.”

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What is chotto in Japanese?

Chotto means ‘ a little ‘. It’s a Japanese word often used when requesting something.

What is Yoi in Japanese?

Definition: 意味 good. Learn Japanese vocabulary: 良い 【よい/いい】(yoi/ii). Meaning: good; excellent; fine; nice; pleasant; agreeable ​

What is Furui in Japanese?

sieve, sift, screen.

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