Question: How To Say No In German?

Is Nein a bad word?

As we’ve mentioned, the way to say “no” in German is simply to say nein. It’s an easy little German word but if you say it with no other context, it’s a little rude.

Does 9 mean no in German?

Nein is defined as the German word for no.

Is zero a German word?

zero: gleich Null.

What is German language called?


What does Dorfer mean in German?

noun. village [noun] a group of houses etc which is smaller than a town. They live in a little village. 5

What is ß called in English?

In German, the ß character is called eszett. It’s used in “Straße,” the word for street, and in the expletive “Scheiße.” It’s often transliterated as “ss,” and strangely enough, it’s never had an official uppercase counterpart. The letter “a” has “A” and “b” has “B,” while ß had… nothing.

How do you say 3 in German?

Drei – “Three”

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