Question: How To Say Hello In Klingon?

What does Qapla mean in Klingon?

Qapla’ (Success!)

How do you speak in Klingon?

The “tlh” is treated as a single letter in Klingon. Begin with a “t” sound, but drop your tongue to the sides of your mouth rather than immediately down. From there, hiss out the “l” sound. Lowercase “y” is pronounced like the English “y” at the beginning of a word, as in “you” or “yet.”

How do I say good morning in Klingon?


  1. nuqneH = Hello (Literal: What do you want)
  2. bIpIv’a’ = Hi (Literal: How do you feel)
  3. yI’el = Welcome (Literal: Come in)
  4. ghaH ‘ej Duvan = Greetings (Literal: He and)
  5. maj po = Good morning.
  6. maj pov = Good afternoon.
  7. maj choS = Good evening.
  8. maj ram = Good night (Not a greeting, but fits in with other phrases here)

Does Google Translate have Klingon?

I’m the reason why Google Translate doesn’t support Klingon. That’s the short answer. The longer answer is this: The way most modern translation software works is through machine learning on a massive parallel corpus.

What did Picard say in Klingon?

In the Star Trek episode, The Mind’s Eye, Governor Vagh was convinced the federation was supplying weapons to Kriosian rebels. Picard replied with the phrase, ” Qu’vatlh ghuy’cha’ baQa’,” at which point Vagh complimented him on his mastery of Klingon cursing.

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What does Patak mean in Klingon?

From the Klingon language wiki “P’takh (petaQ) is a Klingon insult, meaning something like ” weirdo,” deriving from the verb “to be weird” (taQ), with and [sic] you (plural) imperative prefix (pe-). Alternative romanizations include pahtak, p’tak, patahk, and pahtk.”

Is Klingon difficult to learn?

Fictional languages like Klingon are deliberately designed not to be easy and familiar, but difficult and very different. It also makes Klingon, still a growing language, fairly difficult to master, much less generate true native speakers.

What is I love you in Klingon?

Klingon – Star Trek Pronounced bahng-WI’ shokh, this translates as “you are my love.”

How do you say no in Klingon?

PRONUNCIATION This is the word for “no”: ghobe ‘.

What is hello in Vulcan?

Term. tonk’peh. Definition. hi/hello. (an informal greeting used among Vulcans)

Can you really major in Klingon?

Even though the Klingon race is fictional, the spoken language – invented in 1984 by American linguist Marc Okrand — is now being taught at Migros Club School, Switzerland’s largest adult education institution. Muller leads one of the rare in-person classes in the world to teach Klingon, as opposed to online courses.

Is there a Klingon translator?

Fans of “Star Trek” may instantly recognize the guttural tones of the Klingon language, though few are actually fluent. The translator was made possible by a partnership with Paramount and the Klingon Language Institute, a nonprofit intended to “facilitate the scholarly exploration of the Klingon language and culture.”

What does yea WA kapla mean in Klingon?

Qapla’ is thlIngan Hol (Klingon) for “Success”. As a phrase, it works along the lines of “Have a nice day.”, ” Good luck.”, or “Ya’ll come back now, hear?”. (

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