Question: How To Say God Bless You In Spanish?

How do Mexicans say God bless you?

How do you say this in Spanish (Mexico)? God bless you. Que Dios te bendiga.

How do you say God bless you plural in Spanish?

God bless you

  1. ( used to address one person) Dios te bendiga (informal) (singular) God bless you! You are too generous. ¡Dios te bendiga!
  2. ( used to address multiple people) Dios los bendiga (plural) (masculine or mixed gender) We’ll help you with the garden, Mr. Evans.
  3. ( said when someone sneezes)

How do Puerto Ricans say bless you?

For those who are not aware, most Puerto Rican children (and even adults) greet their parents & elders with “Bendicion” (translation: “blessing” in Spanish). It is a way for a child to request a blessing. The response from the adult is usually, “ Dios te bendiga” (God bless you), or something along those lines.

Is it correct to say may God bless you?

Complete answer: The given sentence is an exclamatory sentence and generally the modal verb “may” is used in the case of wishing someone or hoping something for someone. So while ” God bless you ” is very good English, “may God bless you” makes it clearer that a wish is being conveyed.

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What can I say instead of stay blessed?

synonyms for blessed

  • consecrated.
  • divine.
  • exalted.
  • hallowed.
  • rewarded.
  • saved.
  • holy.
  • inviolable.

How do you bless someone with a word?

4 Verses to Bless Someone Today

  1. Numbers 6:24–26. May the Lord Bless You. and protect you,
  2. Jeremiah 17:7–8. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, And whose hope is the Lord.
  3. Psalm 20:1–5. May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob protect you!
  4. Psalms 1:1–3. Blessed is the man.

What is Dios te bendiga?

( God bless you ) que Dios te bendiga.

What does Gesundheit mean?

Gesundheit was borrowed from German, where it literally means “health”; it was formed by a combination of gesund (“healthy”) and -heit (“-hood”). Wishing a person good health when they sneezed was traditionally believed to forestall the illness that a sneeze often portends.

What is your name in Spanish?

What’s your name? = ¿Cómo te llamas? Remember, when speaking to someone your age or younger, use a tú form of this phrase.

Is it illegal to say Gesundheit?

So the truth is that such a rule really did exist. In Iowa (and perhaps elsewhere in the United States and abroad), it was illegal to say Gesundheit in public or on the telephone – just as it was illegal to say. Or French, or Spanish.

What do you say when you sneeze in public?

After someone sneezes, saying “ bless you” or “God bless you” is an instant reflex.

What do Mexicans say when sneeze?

The most well-known version tends to be used more in Latin America: salud (“health”) after the first sneeze, dinero (“money”) after the second, and amor (“love”) after the third.

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