Question: How To Say Cool In German?

How do you say cool in German slang?

Geil. Geil is a word used to describe anything you feel is cool, tasty or an interesting surprise.

How do you say awesome in German slang?

In English, we often say something is “amazing” or “awesome.” The German equivalent is Hammer, which is also a tool when used as a noun. The expression Hammer geil can be used to say how outstanding something is. Example: Der Film war der Hammer.

What does Tztztz meaning?

toshiba. zaara. The abbreviation tztztz may mean (currently selected): toledo zelda travis zuhair tonic zephyrhills.

What is a Geil?

The best translation for ‘geil’ in its colloquial sense would be something like ‘ great,’ ‘cool,’ ‘awesome,’ or ‘wicked. ‘ It can also be used to compliment someone’s appearance, similar to calling someone ‘hot. ‘

Why do Germans say nah?

instead of the usual Hallo, Moin or Servus, this is just another way of saying ‘ hello ‘, and it is best to spiegeln (mirror) your friend and reply with a friendly Na? or Na, wie geht’s? On its own, Na has very little meaning but, as it gains significance through its linguistic context, it can be a very useful particle.

Is Geil a bad word?

Yes, it is rather informal but it is widely used among young people all over Germany and in most of the cases, geil simply means awesome/cool/great rather than referring to its other, somehow derogative meanings. We will get there, don’t worry.

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What does Gail stand for?

GAIL (India) Limited (formerly known as Gas Authority of India Ltd.) is a government owned natural gas corporation responsible for natural gas processing and distribution in India headquartered in New Delhi, India.

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