Often asked: How To Say Hi In Chinese?

What can I say instead of Ni Hao?

Nín (您, you) is the polite form of nǐ (你, you). Instead of saying “nǐ hǎo” (你好, hello), one should say “ nín hǎo” (您好, hello) (formal and polite) when meeting a respectable elderly for the first time.

How do you say hello in Taiwan?

Taiwanese: Basic Survival Let’s start at the very beginning: Hello. You can greet the Taiwanese like a local by saying lí-hó (for one person) or lín-hó for more than one.

How do you reply to Ni Hao?

To answer the question “你好吗 (nǐ hǎo mā)?”, Chinese usually say “我很好(wǒ hěn hǎo) ”, instead of “我好 (wǒ hǎo)”.

What do the Chinese say Namaste?

嗨 | Hāi | Hi! 嗨, or “hāi” in pīnyīn, is an informal greeting used by young people in urban areas to greet friends and other people around their age. It’s actually a loanword from English and is simply the Chinese form of the English greeting “hi.”

What Ni hao ma means?

“ How are you ” is the most common way to greet people in English, therefore it’s natural for an English speaker to ask a Chinese how to say “how are you?” Well, literally translating “how are you” into Chinese is “ni hao ma”. You get what you ask for. But sadly, what you want is not always what you need.

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Do people actually say ni hao ma?

To be honest Chinese people never say “ni hao ma”, regardless of the formality of the situation. If you want to ask how someone is, it’s more natural in informal situations to say 怎么样 (zen me yang) although this still isn’t commonly said by Chinese people amongst themselves.

What xie xie means?

xiè xie. to thank thanks thank you.

How do you say hi?

There are many other options, but here are six of the most common formal ways to say “hello”:

  1. “Hello!”
  2. “Good morning.”
  3. “Good afternoon.”
  4. “Good evening.”
  5. “It’s nice to meet you.”
  6. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” (These last two only work when you are meeting someone for the first time.)

What is wo shi?

Wo shi= I am.

How do you say love in Taiwan?

Well, but not in Taiwan. In fact, a Taiwanese expresses “I love you” as 我佮意你 instead.

How do Taiwanese greet each other?

A handshake is the common greeting. Handshakes are not as firm as in many other countries. Men should wait for a woman to extend her hand. Many Taiwanese lower their eyes during the greeting as a sign of respect.

Are people from Taiwan Chinese?

According to government figures, over 95% of Taiwan’s population of 23.4 million consists of Han Chinese, while 2.3% are Austronesian Taiwanese indigenous peoples. Among others originally from the Mainland, two main groups were the Hoklo and the Hakka.

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