Often asked: How To Say Disgusting In Spanish?

How do you express disgust in Spanish?

pobrecito” (poor little thing). To express disgust (in the sense, for example, when someone’s telling you something unpleasant you don’t want to hear) the y sound is also stretched but more forcefully, e.g. “¡Ayyyyy!… ¡No me digas eso!” (Don’t tell me that!).

How do you say gross in Spanish slang?


  1. (= unacceptable) [injustice, inequality, mismanagement] flagrante.
  2. (= revolting) [person, remark, joke] ordinario ⧫ basto.
  3. (= tasteless) ordinario ⧫ de muy mal gusto.
  4. (= obese) gordísimo ⧫ cebón (inf)
  5. (= total)

What is Hijole?

Interjection. ¡híjole! (Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua) used to denote surprise or the state of being impressed, similar to wow or whoa.

Why do Spanish people say Allah?

Senior Member. Alá is the Spanish form for Allah but the later is closer to the real pronunciation of God in Arabic. That is why modern muslims would prefer it to the older one. It happens the same with the name of Muhammad which is Mahoma in Spanish (Mehmet in Turkish).

What is Ewww in Spanish?

/ˈiːuː/ an expression of disgust (= disapproval and dislike) puaj. Eww – these socks smell! (Translation of eww from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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What does yucky mean in Spanish?

: causing discomfort, disgust, or a strong feeling of dislike: unpleasant and disgusting.: having an unpleasant feeling in your stomach: somewhat sick. See the full definition for yucky in the English Language Learners Dictionary. yucky. adjective.

What does the word disgust mean literally?

Disgust is a strong feeling of dislike. As a verb, disgust means ” to offend,” like when your class’s bad behavior at the assembly disgusts all the teachers, or “to gross out or revolt.” If you pick your nose in public, you will disgust everyone around you.

What does chiquiar mean in Spanish?

chiquear [chiqueando|chiqueado] {transitive verb} volume_up. 1. Mexico, colloquial. spoil [spoilt; spoiled| spoilt; spoiled] {vb}

What is Consintiendo?

to consent o agree to sth. consintió en apoyarlo. she agreed o consented to support him.

What does it mean to spoil someone?

to treat someone very well, esp. by being too generous: My vacation spoiled me. “We’re spoiling you,” he said, handing her another cookie. 5

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