How To Say Years In French?

How do you say 1990 in French?


  1. RIGHT: Mille neuf cent quatre-vingt dix.
  2. WRONG: Mille neuf quatre-vingt-dix.

How do you say years in French 1982?

The Number 1982 in French 1982 est le mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-deuxième nombre.

How do you say 1980 in French?

The Number 1980 in French 1980 est le mille neuf cent quatre-vingtsième nombre.

How old is French?

To answer, saying how old you are, you begin with j’ai followed by your age, for example, J’ai 22 ans. In French, the verb avoir is always used when saying how old someone is.

How do you say 95 in French?

1995 = Dix-neuf quatre-vingt quinze (dee-s nerf catruh van carns).

How do you say numbers in French?

Numbers 1-10 in French

  1. un.
  2. deux.
  3. trois.
  4. quatre.
  5. cinq.
  6. six.
  7. sept.
  8. huit.

How do they write the date in France?

In France, the all-numeric form for dates is in the order “day month year”, using an oblique stroke as the separator. Example: 31/12/1992 or 31/12/92. Years can be written with two or four digits, and numbers may be written with or without leading zero.

How do you count thousands in French?

Keeping these rules in mind, here are some examples of the thousands, ten thousands, and hundred thousands in French:

  1. 1.000 – mille.
  2. 1.001 – mille-un.
  3. 1.010 – mille-dix.
  4. 1.789 – mille-sept-cent-quatre-vingt-neuf.
  5. 1.999 – mille-neuf-cent-quatre-vingt-dix-neuf.
  6. 10.000 – dix-mille.
  7. 12.000 – douze-mille.
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Whats is in French?

Quoi. The word quoi is very useful in French. Here’s when you use it to say “what”: Use quoi after a preposition, like à or de.

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