How To Say No Kids At Wedding?

How do you put adults only on a wedding invitation?

On the Invitation Though some people avoid it, Swann says there’s absolutely nothing wrong with stating clearly that the occasion is adults-only. You can include this on the main invite or the RSVP card. “This is an adult-only occasion.”

Is it rude to have a no kid wedding?

You shouldn’t feel guilty for keeping your wedding a kid -free zone, but it’s not polite to specify your wishes front and center on the invitations. Having a child-free wedding can be a very sensitive issue for some guests, especially out-of-town family members and close friends with little ones.

How do you politely say no kids are allowed?

You can use any of the following ‘straight to the point’ statements:

  1. No children.
  2. Adults only.
  3. Strictly no children please.
  4. Adult wedding and reception.
  5. Please respect our wishes for a child free reception.
  6. Adult only affair.
  7. This invitation is extended to adults only.
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How do you address a wedding invitation with no kids?

The Proper Way: Envelope Addressing No children’s names listed means they’re not invited. No “and guest” means your friend should fly solo. (I met my boyfriend by attending a wedding solo and highly recommend it, just sayin!)

Is it selfish to have a child free wedding?

Whether it’s due to budget restrictions, venue capacity or simply personal preference, child-free weddings are not nearly as uncommon as they once used to be. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to opt for an adult-only reception, and the decision is completely yours.

What percentage of wedding guests actually attend?

Do your own math “A general overall percentage between 75-85 percent of wedding guests usually attend.” The breakdown: 85 percent of local guests, 55 percent of out-of-town guests, and 35 percent of destination wedding guests will show up, Buckley said.

What is considered a small wedding?

These numbers may vary a little depending on who you’re speaking with, but a small wedding typically includes 50 people or under, a medium wedding has a guest list of anywhere from 50-150 guests, and a large wedding has over 150 attendees.

Is it OK not to invite family to a wedding?

It’s entirely up to the couple whether or not children are invited to the wedding. Decide whether you want little ones there or would prefer an adults-only celebration, and then put your foot down. That means no exceptions.

Should babies be invited to weddings?

If you have extenuating circumstances or feel strongly that you want to bring your baby or children to a wedding but children are not invited, ask the bride and groom (or bride and bride, or groom and groom) if they will make an exception. But be prepared to accept and respect their wishes.

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How do you kindly say no kids?

“To give all our guests the opportunity to celebrate without having to worry about little eyes and ears, we politely request no children.” “We hope you will understand our decision to make the wedding children-free, and take the opportunity to let your hair down and celebrate in style!”

How do you tell someone not to bring their kids?

You can go a little cheeky and say something like “We love your kids, but thought you could use the night off! Adults-only, please and thank you!” Or use the opportunity to gauge where your guests’ heads are at. So, think about nixing the M___________ will attend and replace with ‘We have reserved _____ seats for you.

Is it rude to have an adults only wedding?

It’s not rude to have an adult reception. However, you have to be prepared that some OOT guests will choose note to attend since it makes child care arrangements difficult for them. There is no polite way to explicitly say it on the invites. Do not put “Adult Reception” or “Adults Only” on the invitation.

How do you say invite only wedding?

“Due to limited numbers, we hope you appreciate that children are only invited if named.” “Unfortunately we are only able to accommodate children in the wedding party at our reception.” “We wish we could include all children, but are unfortunately only able to invite immediate family.”

What do you write on a wedding invite?

All wedding invitations should include the following elements:

  1. Who’s hosting.
  2. The request to come to the wedding.
  3. The names of the couple.
  4. The date and time.
  5. The location.
  6. Reception information.
  7. Dress code.
  8. Separate RSVP card.
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How do you not invite people to your wedding?

If you decide to not invite the family member, have a response prepared in case they ask for a reason. “We’re paying for the wedding on our own, so we just don’t have the ability to invite everyone. We appreciate your understanding.” “Our venue has limited space for guests, so we’re keeping the wedding very intimate.

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