How To Say I Love You In Polish?

How do you say romantic in Polish?

I love you in Polish – learn 7 ways of expressing your love in Polish September 03 2015, 0 Comments

  • Kocham cię. I love you.
  • Kocham cię z całego serca.
  • Ciągle o tobie myślę.
  • Nie mogę przestać o tobie myśleć.
  • Chcę z tobą spędzić resztę życia.
  • Dziękuję za cudowną randkę.
  • Cieszę się, że cię poznałem/poznałam.
  • Przytul mnie!

What does Jen Kuya in Polish mean?

Do widzenia – good bye (doh vee-DZEN-ya) pronunciation (help·info) Proszę – please / here you are (PROH-sheh) pronunciation (help·info) Dziękuję – thank you (jen-KOO-yeh) pronunciation (help·info)

How do you flirt in Polish?

10 phrases to impress your Polish date

  1. Kocham Cię (ko-ham chyeh) – I love you.
  2. Lubię Cię (loo-bee-eh chyeh) – I like you.
  3. Pocałuj mnie (po-sa-luee mn-yeh) – Kiss me.
  4. Jesteś ładna (yes-tesh wad-nah) – You are pretty.
  5. Jesteś śliczna (yes-tesh schleech-nah) – You are lovely.
  6. Jesteś słodka (yes-tesh swhat-kah) – You are sweet.

What are swear words in Polish?

Chuj – ‘dick ‘, ‘prick’, etc. Like others, this one also can form more metaphorical phrases. Jebać – ‘to fuck’, but also, depending on the context ‘to beat’ or ‘to stink. ‘ Considered as mildly offensive, especially in its adjective form ‘zajebisty,’ which means something rather different (cool, jazzy, etc.).

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What does Dupa Yash mean?

Dupa yash-Polish for dumb a _ _. fun intended term for someone doing something dumb. We’re all human and capable of knowing/being one.

How do u say goodnight in Polish?

Good night in Polish

  1. Dobranoc, Tom! Good night, Tom!
  2. Kiedy idziemy spać, mówimy “dobranoc”. When we go to bed, we say “good night”.
  3. Dobranoc, mamo. Good night, Mom.
  4. Dobranoc wszystkim! Good night, everybody!
  5. Dobranoc, Timmy. Good night, Timmy!, Goodnight, Timmy.

What does Bubu mean in Polish?

Translation of “BUBU” in English. Noun. Boo Boo. boo -boo. Bub.

What is the longest Polish word?

4. The longest Polish word contains 54 letters. Dziewięćsetdziewięćdziesięciodziewięcionarodowościowego is the longest Polish word. It roughly stands for “of nine-hundred and ninety-nine nationalities”.

What do you call a Polish girl?

Laska (LASS-KA) In Polish the word laska means ‘stick’ and is also widely used as a slang term for a woman or a girl.

What does Bougie mean in Polish?

zgłębnik {m} bougie (also: probe, sound) sonda {f}

What are Polish guys like?

Polish guys are a lot of things. They love football (the European kind), they’re not players, they’re serious meat-eaters, they’re down-to-earth, they can hold their liquor, they aren’t afraid of commitment, and they aren’t particularly open about their feelings.

What language is closest to Polish?

Polish (język polski) belongs to the west Slavic group of the Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. Its closest living relatives are Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian.

Do all Polish girl names end with a?

Almost all Polish female names end in a vowel -a, and most male names end in a consonant or a vowel other than a. There are, however, a few male names that end in a, which are very old and uncommon, such as Barnaba, Bonawentura, Boryna, Jarema, Kosma, Kuba (a diminutive of Jakub) and Saba.

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