How To Make Phone Say Something When Plugged In?

How do I make my iPhone say something when I plug it in?

How to make Siri talk when plugged in?

  1. Open the Shortcuts app on the iPhone.
  2. Find the navigation bar and access the ‘Automation’ tab at the middle of the bottom screen.
  3. Tap on the ‘Create Personal Automation’ option.
  4. Find ‘Charger’ in the list of automation and tap on it.

How do you make Android say something when I plug it in?

On your device, open Settings. TalkBack. Turn Use TalkBack on or off. Select Ok.

How do you make Siri say whatever you want?

“Open the shortcuts app and hit ‘create personal automation’, hit ‘charger’. Next ‘add action’, select ‘speak text’ and type in whatever you want. “And now, whenever you charge your phone, it’s gonna say whatever you programmed it to say.”

How do I get my iPhone to automatically send messages?

How to schedule a text message on your iPhone

  1. Enter your text, add a photo if you wish, then tap “Schedule date” and select the time and date at which the message will be sent.
  2. “Don’t repeat” is the default setting; to create a message that will be sent periodically, tap “Repeat” and select the appropriate option.
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How do you make a shortcut to send a message when I plug in my phone?

How to Set Up Message Shortcuts for an iPhone

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon on the iPhone home screen. Tap “General,” then “Keyboard” and select “Add New Shortcut.”
  2. Tap the “Phrase” text field and enter the text you want to appear when you type the shortcut.
  3. Type the shortcut in the “Shortcut” text field.

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