FAQ: How To Say Sweet In French?

How do you say amazing in French slang?

Translation of “that’s amazing!” in French. c’est incroyable! c’est génial!

What are some cute French words?

Top 10: Most popular French terms of endearment

  • Mon amour: my love.
  • Mon chou: My cabbage, but chou can also be short for a French cream puff called chou chantilly or chou à la crème.
  • Chouchou: Derived from chou.
  • Mon ange: My angel.
  • Mon bébé: My baby.
  • Doudou: What kids call their favorite toy or blankie.
  • Mon coeur: My heart.

How do you say sweet in all languages?

In other languages sweet

  1. American English: sweet /ˈswit/ taste.
  2. Arabic: حُلْو
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: doce.
  4. Chinese: 甜的
  5. Croatian: sladak.
  6. Czech: sladký chuť
  7. Danish: sød.
  8. Dutch: zoet.

Is Cheri a French word?

Chéri is from a French verb form for “cherished” and mon is the male personal pronoun “my.” So, your chéri is someone you prize and treasure. The female equivalent is ma chérie. Mon chéri is sometimes shortened to mon cher.

What is French slang called?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Verlan (French pronunciation: ​[vɛʁlɑ̃]) is a type of argot in the French language, featuring inversion of syllables in a word, and is common in slang and youth language. It rests on a long French tradition of transposing syllables of individual words to create slang words.

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What is unique called in French?

Chaque signature est unique. 2. (= exceptional) [talent, opportunity, voice] unique.

What is the prettiest French word?

Here are the most beautiful French words

  • Papillon – butterfly.
  • Parapluie – umbrella.
  • Paupiette – a piece of meat, beaten thin, and rolled with a stuffing of vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats.
  • Romanichel – gypsy.
  • Silhouette – silhouette.
  • Soirée – evening.
  • Tournesol – sunflower.
  • Vichyssoise – from vichy. Masculine, noun.

What are some cute words?


  • endearing, adorable, lovable, sweet, lovely, appealing, engaging, delightful, dear, darling, winning, winsome, charming, enchanting.
  • attractive, pretty, as pretty as a picture.
  • chocolate-box.
  • Scottish, Northern English bonny.
  • informal cutesy, dinky, twee, pretty-pretty, adorbs.

What are pretty words?

Synonyms for Beautiful

  • alluring.
  • attractive.
  • beauteous.
  • becoming.
  • bewitching.
  • comely.
  • dazzling.
  • enticing.

Does Dolce mean sweet?

In Spanish, dulce literally means “sweet,” but it’s commonly used to refer to sugary treats—much like how we use the word sweets in English. The related English word dolce (which is taken from Italian instead of Spanish) means sweet or soft.

How do you say gentle in different languages?

In other languages gentle

  1. Arabic: نَبِيل
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: gentil.
  3. Chinese: 文雅的
  4. Croatian: nježan.
  5. Czech: mírný
  6. Danish: blid.
  7. Dutch: zachtaardig.
  8. European Spanish: suave afable.

Is Ma Cherie romantic?

It’s no secret that French is widely considered to be one of the most romantic languages with many romantic expressions. For example, “my love” in French is mon amour. “My dear ” – mon chéri/ma chérie. “I love you” – Je t’aime.

What Cara Mia means?

The title means ” my beloved ” in Italian.

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What is mon ami?

Translation of “mon ami” in English. Noun. Adverb. my friend.

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