FAQ: How To Say Ok In German?

How do you say cool in German slang?

Geil. Geil is a word used to describe anything you feel is cool, tasty or an interesting surprise.

Do you say bad in German?

How to say “Bad” in German ( schlecht )

Does 9 mean no in German?

Nein is defined as the German word for no.

What is German language called?


What is the longest word in German?

At 80 letters, the longest word ever composed in German is ” Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft,” meaning, the “Association for Subordinate Officials of the Head Office Management of the Danube Steamboat Electrical Services.” But it’s a coinage of strung together more for

How do you say F word in German?

Literally, this curse translates to “ assface ”. The English equivalent is “f*ckface.” The word for “expletive” itself is creative – Schimpfwort, from schimpfen – to complain.

Is dummkopf a bad word?

Dummkopf – Sh*thead Literally translated to ‘ stupid head,’ it sounds rather childish when it comes to English insults. However, when augmented to English, it is a pretty strong swear.

Is scheisse a bad word?

On dict.cc it says Scheiß- translates to crappy, but it adds a note that it’s vulgar. In English saying “The weather today is crappy” isn’t really offensive (kinda unrefined but not really bad), but saying “The weather today is shitty” would be.

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Does no mean yes in German?

We have one more little word you can use to say “no” in German: jein, a cute combination of ja (yes) and nein. It’s only “cute” until someone uses it to deny you some information you actually want.

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