FAQ: How To Say Good Evening In Chinese?

How do you greet someone at night in China?

In Chinese, by contrast, 晚上好 (wǎnshànghǎo) means “good evening” and is a greeting, not a way to bid someone good night. If you want to say good night to someone in Chinese, you should say 晚安 (wǎn’ān).

How do you respond to good morning in Chinese?

In addition to its literal meaning, 早 can be a colloquial way of saying “good morning.” It’s simple but very friendly. And you could receive an even more amiable reply from your Chinese counterparts, such as 早! 早! 早!

How do you say good evening in Cantonese?

晚 is “evening” and 晚安 is the Cantonese expression for “good evening.” Similar to 午安, we rarely use 晚安 to greet someone in daily conversations, yet you can still see 晚安 in writings. On top of using it at the start of a conversation, 晚安 can be put in at the end as a way to say goodbye.

How do you reply to Ni Hao?

To answer the question “你好吗 (nǐ hǎo mā)?”, Chinese usually say “我很好(wǒ hěn hǎo) ”, instead of “我好 (wǒ hǎo)”.

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What does Ni hao ma?

“How are you ” is the most common way to greet people in English, therefore it’s natural for an English speaker to ask a Chinese how to say “how are you?” Well, literally translating “how are you” into Chinese is “ni hao ma”.

What is your name in Chinese?

In Chinese, when you want to know someone’s name, you can say “ Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi? ” It means “what’s your name?” In this sentence, “jiào” is a verb, which means ‘be called”. “Shénme” means “what”. “Míngzi” means “name”. When you answer this question you may use, “Wǒ jiào” plus name.

How do I say good morning?

Good Morning Quotes: 60+ Ways to Say Good Morning

  1. Rise and shine.
  2. Am I still dreaming or do you really look that amazing in the morning?
  3. Even though I’m not a morning person, I’m a you person so I enjoy getting up.
  4. You’re all the sunshine I need.
  5. Rise and shine, lovely.
  6. Buenas días señorita.
  7. Morning greetings, cutie.

What is good evening in Hong Kong?

The literal translation of 晚上好 (wǎn shàng hǎo) is “evening good.” Unlike 早安 (zǎo ān), 晚安 (wǎn ān) is not usually used as a greeting but rather as a farewell.

How do you say good evening in Hong Kong?

晚安 (Maan5 On1) In English, this means “Good evening”. This phrase is used in formal settings for both speech and writing. If you want to say goodbye and end the day but you are not planning to sleep anytime sooner, this is the word to use.

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What is a traditional Chinese greeting?

Common Greeting in China The most common form of greeting in China is “ni hao”, usually translated as “Good day” but literally meaning “You are well”. The same greeting phrased as a question (How are you?) is “ni hao ma”. The response is usually “ni hao”.

What are different ways to say hi?

synonyms for hello

  • greetings.
  • hi.
  • howdy.
  • welcome.
  • bonjour.
  • buenas noches.
  • buenos dias.
  • good day.

How do you show respect in China?

Hold your teacup with two hands while someone else fills it with tea to show appreciation. Avoid touching like hugging, backslapping, except for handshaking. Show appreciation or respect by using two hands when presenting your business card, book, paper, teacup… and make sure you accept the object with both hands.

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