FAQ: How To Say Do You Speak German In German?

How do you say do you speak German in the German language?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? is the polite way of asking ‘Do you speak German?’ in German.

How do you ask what language do you speak in German?

How to say “How many languages do you speak?” in German ( Wieviele Sprachen sprichst du?)

How do you say I can’t speak German in German?

“I can’t speak German” Thank you. Ich spreche kein Deutsch.

Do you speak German duolingo German?

Du sprichst Deutsch. “You speak German.”

What is German language called?

If you want to say “What is your name?” in German, you would either say, “ Wie heißen sie? ” (formal) or “Wie heißt du?” (informal).

Do you know what im saying in German?

You know what I’m saying? [coll.] Weißt du, was ich meine? [ugs.]

What is your hobby German?

To ask “what are your hobbies?” in German you can say was sind deine Hobbys?, or in a more formal situation, was sind Ihre Hobbys?

What are some common German words?

Top 10 most common German words pronounced by native German speakers

  1. Hallo = Hello. Let’s naturally start with “Hallo” which means “Hello” in German.
  2. Liebe = Love. Love is a universal feeling and we definitely had to talk about it here.
  3. Glück = Happiness.
  4. Katze = Cat.
  5. Hund = Dog.
  6. Lächeln = Smile.
  7. Deutscher = German.
  8. Ja = Yes.
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What is Sprechen Sie Deutsch mean?

“Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” English translation Do you speak German?

Is Deutsche German?

Deutsch or Deutsche may refer to: Deutsch: The German language, in Germany. Deutsche: Germans, as a feminine or plural demonyma. Deutsch (word), originally referring to the Germanic vernaculars of the Early Middle Ages.

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