I am a linguist who has carried out fieldwork on two Otomanguean languages of Oaxaca, Mexico: Copala Trique (now often spelled Triqui) (ISO code trc) and Magdalena Peņasco Mixtec (ISO code xtm).  This work was done under SIL International over a period of five decades, beginning in 1962, until my official retirement at the beginning of 2012.

I have also served as a consultant in the preparation of materials in other indigenous languages of Mexico, and I have a strong research interest in historical and comparative work in the Mixtecan language family.

It seems important to make the results of my research available to native speakers of these languages, to scholars, and to anyone else who might be interested.  Even though many materials have been published, other projects in various stages from sketchy notes to full drafts have been entombed on my computer for decades, caught between my desire to continue polishing them and a desire to make them available.  Up until now my desire to polish has kept them hidden away, but as I get older and become increasingly conscious of my mortality, my desire to make them available has won out.

This website therefore exists primarily to make available unpublished materials I have worked on.  Most of these materials are in Spanish, but they lack a review of the Spanish by native speakers.  Some of these postings might be replaced by newer versions as they become available.  Whenever something is published, it will be removed from this site and replaced by a link.

This site also includes a selected bibliography of published works.  For those that are available electronically on other sites, a link is included.  For a number of those that are not otherwise available electronically, a pdf file is posted here.

I have also included on this site some personal reflections about language.

Lastly, there is a section that gives links to material posted about Copala Trique and Magdalena Peņasco Mixtec by others.


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